Jobs Without Frontiers

Four colleagues head towards an unknown destination abroad. Their mission: to do their job on the other side of the globe.


  • GENRE Factual entertainment
  • TIMESLOT Weekly primetime
  • LENGTH 50 minutes
  • BROADCASTER Eén (Belgium)
  • RIGHTS HOLDER Sputnik Media
  • AVAILABLE AS Format & ready mades (39 episodes)
  • AWARDS Rose d'Or & Prix Europa

Four car mechanics head to a bush garage in Burkina Faso. Four prison guards relocate to a Thai detention facility. Four teachers go to a school in a remote mountain village in the Andes.

The colleagues discover the specific and sometimes harsh working conditions of their fellow professionals. Moreover they will have to adapt to the local way of living. They will come across unknown habits, will have to deal with cultural restrictions and limited medical facilities. To get through the sometimes dangerous, heartbreaking and confrontational situations, they will have to support each other. Jobs Without Frontiers is raw reality with real stories: pure emotions, heartfelt encounters and touching moments.

The first series of Jobs Without Frontiers was aired on Eén in 2012, the second series in September 2013.
Season 3 went on air in October 2014. The fourth season is airing in 2015 and 2016.