Granny & Granny

Granny and Granny take their daily dive into the archives of Ketnet.


  • GENRE Kids
  • TIMESLOT Daily
  • LENGTH 10 minutes
  • BROADCASTER Ketnet (Belgium)
  • RIGHTS HOLDER Sputnik Media
  • AVAILABLE AS format & ready mades

They are back for a second season and despite of the fact that they got a bit older, they’re still strikingly alive and kicking!

The flashy, colourful, new living room and their fresh, new outfits ensure that this second season will be more cheerful and hilarious than ever!

A lot has changed since the first season, but one thing remains the same: together with our two favourite Grannies, we take a look at the best, funniest and most exciting fragments in the archive of Ketnet!

About Ketnet

Ketnet is a public children’s television channel in Flanders, owned and operated by the VRT, Flanders’ public broadcaster.