Moslims zoals wij

What happens when eight Dutch muslims with very different beliefs and opinions house together and have to set the ground rules for themselves? In ‘Moslims zoals wij’ four men and four women live together for ten days in a house near Roermond (NL). With the necessary self criticism every individual gives their opinion about religion and society. Guests from the outside come by and they take trips in the neighborhood.


  • GENRE Docu series
  • TIMESLOT Primetime
  • LENGTH 30 minutes
  • RIGHTS HOLDER Love Productions
  • DISTRIBUTION Sky vision
  • AVAILABLE AS 5 ready mades

There is an enormous diversity in the muslim community. Despite all the controversy today, no-one can talk in the name of ‘all muslims’. Many struggle with the question what it is to be a good muslim, what it means to be muslim, how you can live in the spirit of Islam and how that fits in our current society. This series tackles these dilemmas.

‘Moslims zoals wij’ is a Dutch adaption of the BBC-series ‘Muslims like us’ from 2016. In the Netherlands made for NTR and broadcast in five episodes on NPO 2 in december 2018.