Team Scheire

In “Team Scheire” we gather eight of Flanders’ most brilliant engineers, designers and programmers. People with an eye and heart for science and technology. We call them ‘Fixers’. Our fixers use tried and tested methods and the newest technologies to build custom prototypes to solve problems of people who need them the most.


  • GENRE Human interest
  • TIMESLOT Primetime
  • LENGTH 50 minutes
  • RIGHTS HOLDER Studio Lambert
  • DISTRIBUTION all3media

The Fixers search for the answers to questions people with specific mental and physical disabilities but they also take on problems that affect a whole group of people.

We challenge our Fixers to come up with that one innovative idea to make the lives of people better.

Team Scheire is based upon The Big Life Fix, a format created by Studio Lambert and distributed by all3media.