The Holiday Guest

What happens when you send a celebrity on a holiday with a totally unknown family?


  • GENRE Reality
  • TIMESLOT Primetime
  • LENGTH 25 minutes
  • RIGHTS HOLDER Sputnik Media
  • AVAILABLE AS Format & ready mades (8 episodes)

The outcome is an astonishing personal journey, seen the way we’ve never experienced celebrities before. There are only two recipes for a good holiday; either they must be business as usual, or one must go for something completely different. In The Holiday Guest we bring celebrities out of their comfort zone, as they travel along with ordinary people. The choice of the celebrity, their destination and host family is surprising and offers unexpected and touching stories about friendship, humour, conflict and even intro- spection. Neither the family nor the celebrity outsider know whether the outcome of their journey will be a disaster or a unique encounter. Either way it will be an experi- ence of a lifetime. ‘The Holiday Guest’ is an innovative format in a mix of genres: reality, adventure, emotion, escapism, exoticism. A thrilling variety of true feelings and authentic stories in an exciting and funny show.