Toyota Motor Europe

Toyota Motor Europe, like many companies, wants to be a front runner in automation as well as employee happiness. Thanks to their Automate It Yourself strategy, they allow collaborators to choose in what degree they want to take part in automating the company. We were asked to make an animation video explaining this new strategy for all their European employees.



NIKO manufactures home solutions such as switches, power outlets and home automation. Who better to sell your product than your satisfied customers themselves? That’s why we’ve been partnering up with the brand to produce these atmospheric testimonial video’s that are used in company presentations and showrooms the world over.


Niks moet, alles MAX

Sputnik Media worked hand in hand with the VRT’s Creative Lab team to launch VRT MAX’s new YouTube Channel ‘Niks moet, alles MAX‘.  Together, we created custom made YouTube content targeted at 16-18 year olds to give young adults a taste of what’s to see on VRT’s streaming platform.


Innovation network government

Sputnik Media created and produced a short series of five videos about different innovative projects within the Flemish Government. Every video has a custom style and feeling that matches the project. We made a calm and atmospheric video for ‘Agentschap Natuur en Bos’ to emulate the feeling of walking through a nature oasis. 


My workplace when I grow up

This video for Befimmo was used to thank investors, employees and stakeholders for their continued support and collaboration of this real estate company. We were asked to incorporate the unique locations and agreeable working environment within Befimmo. On top of that we created an original storyline that emphasizes the message.


Moon run

Belgian railway organization NMBS announced a collaboration with Doctors Without Borders in 2021. All NMBS employees participated in a Moon Run challenge, meaning that they all would run, bike or walk the distance between the Earth and the Moon together. This young and freshly edited video encourages all collaborators to put on their shoes or grab their bike and head out.

Stad Antwerpen

Blokken in de bib (Studying in the library)

The city of Antwerp opens up all its libraries to students during their exam periods. This creates a suitable study environment for students who sometimes don’t have a calm space at their disposal. We created a tailor made TikTok campaign, encouraging students to use these facilities. 

Target audience

Young adults





Camber is one of our oldest and most loyal partners. 2022 marked the sixth consecutive year of the customer success stories Sputnik makes for the Brussels based company. Our client’s top priority for these television commercials is client satisfaction and authenticity. This results in brand awareness among the public that has been on the rise since the start of these campaigns.